During packaging, OPP plastic bags (oriented polypropylene) are the most transparent, hard and have the same tensile strength (durability) at all points. It cannot be stretched (as it is a two-way stretch) and is easy to tear from both sides of the bag. OPP plastic bags are very popular and widely used products. In many ways, they are very different from other bags and diversified to suit different purposes. The advantages of using these bags are as follows;

  • The film of OPP bag has thin and highly transparent liners. Therefore, it is easy to see the products from the bag. There is no need to fear condensation in the bag. This is because holes are made that allow the package to breathe.
  • The use of these sealing bags has also been very helpful in extending the expiry dates of the products. The polypropylene film does not allow mold or shell to form in the bag.
  • Additionally, these bags can maintain the freshness of food products for a long time. Therefore, it is safe for any food they come into contact with and also protects the taste of the food.
  • The OPP sealed container has been designed in many ways and has been used for promotional purposes. Coloured cartoon patterns have made it very easy to print this useful material. In addition, the labels placed on it do not tear easily.
  • OPP bag is environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled every time it is worn. You can use bags to pack finely ground spices, dust, tea and much more. They also do not penetrate easily and do not allow dirt, moisture or even dust to enter the products in the bag.
  • You can also use it to print multi-coloured and product brand logos, texts, and other designs.
  • The performance of these bags is very good. It saves time and is easy to use.
  • They are light. Therefore, the transport cost is not in question or will not be too heavy to carry. The use of these bags also saves the cost of packaging products.
  • Another advantage of OPP bag packaging is that it is resistant to scratching, abrasion, and tearing.

Polypropylene film or PP is a low-density plastic film. The most important PP types are bulk polypropylene (CPP) and biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Mays Plastic Packaging produces these two types of PP films and offers them to its customers. Although BOPP is a more widely known polypropylene film, the use of CPP is constantly gaining popularity in food, medicine, flowers, textiles, and many other industries.

Some differences between CPP and BOPP are listed below for a better understanding:

  1. CPP is a soft film such as polyethylene. However, BOPP has a hard and wrinkled appearance.
  2. The CPP cannot be folded well due to its natural hinge, WHILE THE BOPP has better folding properties.
  3. While the CPP can be ultrasonically or thermally closed without using any special coatings, BOPP may not seal well without using special heat insulation coatings.
  4. BOPP films have better barrier properties than CPP, and many other polyethylene and PVC films such as CPP have better barrier properties.

Cast polypropylene film gains advantage as preferred material in both traditional flexible packaging and non-packaging applications. CPP has less tear and impact resistance and better cold, temperature performance and heat sealing than BOPP. There are various CPP films such as generic CPP bags, graded CPP, metalized CPP, solid white CPP and many other applications depending on the requirement and end application.

Some key benefits of CPP are listed below:

  • Excellent heat seal strength, high puncture & tear resistance
  • Excellent packaging integrity and high heat resistance at extreme temperatures
  • It has no effect on the control of the friction coefficient (COF).
  • High efficiency and low specific weight per unit area (0.91 g/cm3)
  • It provides a good moisture barrier.
  • High transparency

Since the health and pharmaceutical industries can protect CPP films against contamination, they use them for a long time for the packaging of medicines. Applications in other industries include stand-up retractable bags, multi-layered laminations, side welded sealing bags, and bending sheaths.

Some important applications of CPP are listed below:

  • Food packages or confectionery packages
  • Bakery Products
  • Laminating
  • Clothing Bags
  • Stationery Packaging
  • Vacuum Metallization
  • Deep Freezer Application

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