Our Mission

When we were founded in 2007, we had only one goal in terms of the production of plastic packaging bags and that is to deliver the products that people need in a quality way that will not harm their lives. For this purpose, we constantly update ourselves according to the developing technology and pay utmost attention to the features of not damaging nature and being biodegradable during the production of our products. We place an emphasis to all hygiene standards, production conditions and timely delivery with our professional staff to serve the needs of companies and individual service providers.

Thus, we gain more happy customers and realize our development quickly. In order to work safely and to have a say in the plastic world, we plan all our works and care about the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that we will continue this line with our valued customers in the coming years.

Our Vision

As Mays Plastic Packaging, it is one of our key objectives to offer plastic products to the market in the highest quality as per national and international standards alongside with the technology developed based on customer satisfaction in the following years. For this purpose, we always work with our professional team mates and we aim to produce

  • Top-notched quality,
  • Trust,
  • Environmentally friendly products and
  • to be environmentally friendly,
  • to offer customer satisfaction,
  • to offer biodegradable products available on the market,
  • to produce durable and high-quality products.

We have achieved to be the company that people prefer safely with our quality and labour in the sector for years. In the future, we plan to announce the brand of Mays Plastic Packaging to the world and carry out major projects globally.

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