Metallised Bags

Metalized bag products, which you can safely and healthily use by Mays Plastic Packaging, have been produced and put into use for our valued customers since 2007. Our customers often use these products as gifts during packaging to present them to their loved ones. Large shopping companies or companies prefer metalized bag adhesive models for gift-wrapping purposes after purchasing products for their customers. Metalized bags that look more stylish and useful are cute and suitable for souvenirs and are used by individuals or businesses. Thus, we carry out our works to meet this need that arises in the market and prefer the metallized raw materials that are nature-friendly and least harmful to the soil more during production. The confidence of our customers in us has already formed thanks to this policy.

35*50 gift package sizes are frequently used by people, and our company mostly produces metalized bags of all sizes. We are rapidly moving towards becoming the most preferred plastic company since 2007 because we offer products that are useful to businesses or people and preferred products to the market. We are trying to find as many environmentally friendly products as we can. In this sense, we have been producing our products, which are often used as wholesale adhesive gift packages in our factory for years.

For what purpose are Metalized Bags Used?

Adhesive (taped) metalized bags are used to cover any product you intend to give to your loved ones or to place the gift inside. This eliminates the possibility of any damage to the souvenirs that you have purchased and that you have taken great care of with a thousand efforts. For example, when you buy a dress and wrap it as a gift, you can choose a nicer and cuter gift package for women, and for men, you can use designs with darker colours and more serious posture. Packaging to appeal to the spirit and personality of the person to whom you will present the gift will cause a different perception in the person and he/she will be thrilled to share his/her joy with you before opening his/her gift.

Metalized (Gift Pack) Bag Prices

Since its establishment in 2007, Mays Plastic Packaging has been supplying its customers with metalized bag adhesives at economical prices. We guarantee that you will find gift packages in different colours and options in line with each budget in our company.  We have products according to all kinds of tastes and preferences, and we produce the desired size and number in our own factory. You can get detailed information about our products at any time and contact our customer representatives through the contact information on our website

Metalized Bag Sizes

  • 40 * 60
  • 45 * 50
  • 30 * 45
  • 30 * 35
  • 25 * 35
  • 20 * 35
  • 20 * 25
  • 17 * 25
  • 12 * 17
  • 11 * 12
  • 50 * 70 BANTLI
  • 50 * 70 TABAKA
  • 70 * 100 TABAKA

Lüks El Geçme

  • 10 * 15
  • 13 * 20
  • 17 * 25

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