Founded by İskender Rahmi ÖNENÇ in 2007, Mays Plastic Packaging has started to offer nature-friendly, easy to recycle and non-destructive plastic products to the market and has rapidly taken its place among the leading organizations in the sector since then. As the use rate of plastic bags rapidly scaling up in daily life, businesses or individuals has preferred to benefit from companies providing top-notched quality services and preferred companies using the raw materials least harmful to environment. In this regard, we, at Mays Plastic Packaging Premises, place great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and their confidence in us. We pay utmost attention to all the work we perform with our employees and we successfully carry out all the projects.

When offering plastic products to users, we usually prefer organic, natural or synthetic polymers as components. We use low or high density polyethylene and biodegradable polypropylene raw materials and thus manufacture products that will cause the least damage to nature. We take into account the long-term damage caused by plastic to the environment and even act with zero waste policy to minimize this. We contemplate that we have limited the usability of plastic products that are mixed with soil and water and that are not recycled regularly compared to the past. For us, the issue that comes before economic gain is not harming nature and leaving a more liveable world for the next generations. Since we act for this purpose, we check their recycling and biodegradable status before placing our products on the market. At Mays Plastic Packaging, we always perform our work with our principle of living life first and then more practical living conditions.    

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