Our Mays Plastic Packaging company contributes to reducing or preventing harmful effects of human activities on the environment with the products it manufactures. We manufacture bags that will be useful to our customers and prevent damage to the products they offer to the market. In doing so, we place an emphasis to environmental policies and try to minimize the damage that may occur. Public and individual studies on environmental policies have been implemented for years. Natural life and wildlife have been adversely affected by the rapid depletion of resources by humans.

The studies conducted by scientists in 1962 on the environment have led to further enlightenment and precautions being taken by people in this regard. The use of insecticides, plastics and many other chemicals in nature has been significantly reduced. In particular, the companies interested in plastic production were offered various alternatives with the help of technology in the field of raw materials and the damage of plastic to life and nature was minimized over time. Plastic use seems a little low per capita, but when you look at what people all over the world are using, it causes a huge amount of pollution. At Mays Plastic Packaging, we consciously manufacture our products using the raw materials that are of the highest quality and least harmful to nature.

Any pollution problem adversely affects the living life and even causes the extinction of some species. Confronted with such a problem, the universe has mobilized states and a number of environmental organizations. Great efforts are being made to work in factories, to use toxic chemicals in agriculture, to reduce plastic use or to pay attention to raw material in the production of plastic products. As a company, we use environmentally harmful components at a minimum level and offer products that will be biodegraded to our customers as soon as possible. In order to provide sustainable development in terms of the environment and leave a more liveable world for the next generations, we produce plastic bags that are environmentally friendly and that will cause minimal damage and we are very meticulous in this regard.

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